About Us

Founded in 2006 as a commercial janitorial and facility maintenance company, we at Performance Property Servicing have over the years committed ourselves to consistently delivering reliable, professional, and Grade-A level property management services in:

  • custodial cleaning & facility maintenance
  • landscaping services
  • pest control services
  • lot cleaning & maintenance services

Over the last decade, our remarkable territory expansion coupled with the inclusion of additional client services being offered has been BOTH humbling and validating for us at Performance Property Servicing.

In fact, our growth –now stretching throughout much of the mainland United States, has served as a testament to our initial strategic decisioning in allocating considerable resources towards the indentification, evaluation and cultivation of the most effective Quality Control Procedures, Employee Screening Methods, and Continual Training Standards that would allow us to fashion easily replicable company-wide best practices while engendering a company culture driven by professionalism and knowledge-driven training.

Over the years we’ve come to fully appreciate the crucial part we play in the long-term strategic operations and budgeting for many of our clients. Therefore, our aim has been and will continue to be to perform at the highest level day-in and day-out for each and every one of our clients.